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I earned $30 in BCH by writing articles!

I have already read a lot of people sharing their journey in I know you have seen a lot too. Just like them, this article is not to brag but is solely to share how it feels to be a writer on and hoping to somehow motivate and inspire others.

7 days ago when someone introduced me to  (click the link to register). I do remember meeting her on I gave her a follow and she did the same thing. She was an amazing person. She is so nice that she took her time giving me advice on what to do here in Love yah girl!

Shoutout to my good friend @carisdaneym2 

I have seen a lot of advertisements of on Facebook and Telegram but I did not really bother to take a look at it because I thought that its just like the other sites wherein you will not be able to earn something if you don't have an established group of readers. I am not saying its Uptrennd but it seems like it so... Anyways, my thoughts about was just so wrong.

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I judged the site so early which I wish I didn't do because now, is so good to me. I am just happy that I gave it a chance to be part of my daily life.

I still remember creating an account with the site. I am not gonna share the first time I did it because it was a fail. So I decided to create another account which is this, the SassySissy account that you are subscribed to, hopefully. The sign up process was so easy. A simple email verification and you're all set.

As I have mentioned in my past article, "Rusty: The Natural Flirt", I have seen a lot of articles and I actually mentioned them in that article. You better check it out. I was so motivated to create an article which I eventually did.

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I still remember thinking about what should I write about and a flickering bulb just appeared; what about an article about my amazing city? And I begin to prepare my equipment. Of course, even though I live in this city, there are still a lot of things that I don't know so I did a couple of researches before I started writing. It took me 30 minutes to do the topic outline and the rough draft. After being satisfied about what I came up with, I already gathered up the thoughts and putting it in their right places. More or less, I was able to finish my first article in 90 minutes. After I was able to finalize everything, I immediately publish it. With the help of my friends, they visited my article and showed a lot of support.

I love you friends! Thank you for your endless support!

Lead image of my first article.

If you want to check my first article, here it is, The Best City in the Philippines: Baguio City.

I was not expecting so much for it is my first published article. 24 hours passed and all I was able to get are comments and up-votes which I was so happy about. There were a couple of tips from people who read my article. I thought hope is lost until I clicked on my notification, it was Rusty! I didn't know the term Rusty yet at that time but the point is, there is someone who is giving me multiple up-votes and tips. At first, I don't even know what to do until I checked that article of mine. With my eyes so wide and my heart skipping a beat, I was so amazed.

My first article got an $11.70 in tips.

Screenshot from my account.

I was speechless. I shared it to my friends and they were happy for me.

After this, I was so motivated to write again. This time, its about an airdrop. Check here if you want to read it, ECoin: The Longest Running Airdrop.

It didn't do good as the first one. But it was still able to get $1.37 in tips. I am still grateful for it.

I did not stop there. I continued writing and writing about things that are close to my heart. The list of my articles and the corresponding tips it was able to accumulate is listed below.

The Best City in the Philippines: Baguio City - $11.70

ECoin: The Longgest Running Airdrop - $1.37

Igorot: My Native People - $5.74

Benguet: My Beloved Province - $0.13

Rusty: The Natural Flirt - $4.41

Gloria: A Mother's Love - $0.13

Misquotations, Miscaptions, and False Accusations of ABSCBN News - $3.97

A question to ask yourself: What is my motivation? to be tipped (hopefully)

Adding everything, it totals to exactly $27.45 in BCH. I remember the first thing I said when I was computing it, "not so bad!".

These tips was not the only thing I got from creating this account and publishing this articles, I was also able to meet some friends. I am also an active reader and because of that, I gained a lot knowledge and wisdom from every articles I have read.

Also, I wanna thank these 27 subscribers who supported me. I may not be able to mention all of you but I am truly grateful! I love you all!

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I am really thankful to every one!


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