ECoin: The Longest Running Airdrop

You must be all so curious what this so called Ecoin is all about. Don't you worry because that is exactly what this article is all about. Lets start with Ecoins' Whats and Hows shall we?


ECoin's 5Ws and 1H

Ecoin according to statistics is the worlds fastest-growing cypto there is, atleast in terms of the number of users and daily sign-ups - which is actually driven by the "World's first AI-powered" sign up process. This AI according to Ecoin's website prevents sybil attack and it does guarantee genuine and unique users. The sign up process does not include any hard KYC like ID verification and Selfie verificiation. A good email and a phone number is all you need to create your account.

ECoin as of today (26th of January), has tallied 4,787,664 total sign-ups. The number does not pertain to the number of people who signed up but pertains to the number of sign-ups in general. ECoin has been running as an airdrop for almost a year now. As how they claimed, it really is the longest running airdrop there is.

You might be wondering how does ECoin works. Well, for starters, its just like those other airdrops that you are seeing on Telegram or other social media platforms. It does give a token which in this case, an Ecoin. The only difference is that ECoin can be traded and exchanged already while still being airdropped.

I can say that I am one of those first few people who signed up in ECoin. As far as I can remember, I belong to the first 10,000 people who created an account with them. I can not remember the exact date and time but I know I patronized ECoin earlier than others. It was actually introduced to me by the infamous Aiza Mercado. You can visit her Youtube account named Earn with Aiza. The only problem is that I so do not see her posting any videos now.


Sign up Process

Anyways, ECoin is a total different site and airdrop back then. Creating an account is not hard, you just have to enter an email and password and you're done. Just verify the email sent to you and you are fully signed up. But wait! This is where the first downside and problem users faced. Being fully signed up is totally different from being fully verified. And yes.. you have to be fully verified.

In order for you to achieve that status, there are requirements you must secure. A phone and an email verifcation for one which is not bad, I mean its the basic verfication steps for airdrops. The hard part though is that you should have 5 direct referrals. This was a problem! Its actually a major problem because most people who signed up don't have the guts and the thick skin to invite people. The mindset of people nowadays, although I am not generalizing, that all sites online who provides free staff is a scam. I can't blame them because somehow its true. We all know, getting referrals are the hardest thing to do.

But good thing happened afterwards. That fully verification process of ECoin did not stayed like that. Somehow, the ECoin creators changed it to a much easier way. All they required for users to be fully verified is to just link your Telegram and Whatsapp account to your actual ECoin account. If you're gonna ask me, this was a big ease. I mean, almost all of us has this platforms installed in our mobile phones. All we have to do is linked them with another.

You may ask, Why is it so important to be fully verified? Well first of all, you won't be getting any ECoins and secondly, you will not be able to withdraw. Easy as that!


Bonuses and Referrals

As mentioned above, you really do have to get that Fully Verified status. After signing up to the site, you will be geting 200 free ECoins which is much smaller comparing it to the 1000 ECoin for its first few months. Such a downfall for the sign up bonus, I know!

But thats not the only thing that has been adjusted. Previously, referral bonuses amounted to 1000 ECoins per referral but now, it was lessened to 200 ECoins. What a bust right?

However, its still free money so we cannot really be mad about it.


ECoin Price and Factors Affecting its Value

The value of ECoin has its ups and down just like other altcoins out there. I cannot remember the exact peak price but I think it almost hit $3 per 1000 ecoin.

According to the official ECoin site, and I quote:

"What gives value to Ecoin tokens in the future?

In short, the answer is 'You' - it's you, your friends and their friends and eventually billions of users

It's the network of users that gives value to any payment network, so as we grow to millions of users Ecoins’ value will skyrocket.

There are many reasons why Ecoin will be very valuable soon.

The first and foremost is this, Ecoin makes user onboarding extremely easy. Anyone with an email & phone now can simply sign up, earn and use cryptocurrency for the first time, which essentially opens the floodgates for mass adoption

Most online businesses today are reluctant to accept cryptocurrencies like bitcoin ( even though cryptocurrencies have enormous benefits for businesses ) because only 1% of their user base uses bitcoin at the best. With Ecoin however, anyone can be served by online businesses. Multi billion-dollar businesses like e-commerce, e-sports, online casinos, sport betting sites etc can serve anyone in the globe very soon.

Finally, there are two more big reasons.

‘Network effect’ - As more people sign up, the value of Ecoin rises more. The more valuable ecoin is, more people will sign up.

‘Endowment effect‘ - People value cryptos they hold much more than the ones they don’t. For crypto you hold, you will probably be worried about its price and will make sure the price keeps rising by supporting it in every way possible."

This was a complete and honest respond. It does make sense and obviously true.


There are more about ECoin. I never even mentioned about ECOCHAIN, their promoted airdrops, and amazing events. These are totally a different article that I might be writing about.

There is no doubt that ECoin is an amazing airdrop and an amazing altcoin in general. The idea behind it so creative. Its never too late to join me and the 4,787,664 signups to patronize ECoin. If you need a push to join, just remember, its all FREE!

Join ECoin now! Sign up HERE!

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