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Folding@Home Helping Medical Research and earning some BANANO

By trapp | trapp | 10 Mar 2021

Want to earn some bananos?

You can by folding proteins, using your CPU/GPU to achieve it.

Here is a guide so you do not get lost.

*If you don't have a banano address yet, you can create a banano address by either getting a KALIUM wallet or using the browser-type wallet Bananovault.

(i have both wallets, to feed my paranoia)

Then go to bananominer website, bananominer.com - input your banano address.


You'll be given a user id and a team id which you will input in the folding@home client so the 

folding@home team will know which user id to send them bananos when you complete a work for them.


You will need to download the folding@home client and install it. Go to https://foldingathome.org/start-folding/

Open the client and input your user id and team id.


You can change which focus of folding work you want to do, alzheimers, cancer etc.

When you complete a work unit, you would have to wait 8-12 hours on average to get your bananos! (slow yeah but worth it)

While you are waiting you can still continue folding and complete more work units so you will get more bananos.

You can even get a certificate for the work units you have done :)



credit folding@home thank you!


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