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By Teloscoin | Transcendence Blockchain | 18 Mar 2020

It is important to note that this is not a fork but a wallet with a new UI that can be used immediately. Unless one wishes, they are not obliged to install and use a new wallet until the fork that will be in the month of July. As has been said many times Teloscoin fork will be in the month of July, and until then, you can vote on future parameters and functionality at

More about upcoming fork and voting read on TelosNews article:

New Teloscoin wallet

New Teloscoin wallet has been released for multiple platforms. Linux, Windows, MacOS and there are source files for those who want to compile the wallet.

The wallet installation itself is simple and very similar to previous versions. However, if you have never had the chance to install a crypto wallet, now is the time to learn.

No matter what operating system you have on your computer, find a suitable location on your hard drive and create a folder to house the Teloscoin blockchain.

Download the wallet for your OS at Transcendence github. The first time you start new wallet, a screen will pop up and you should select the "Custom data directory" option and the folder you previously created, then click "OK". Please note that at least 1GB of HDD space is required for this installation.


Choose your language and read about Transcendence, privacy and masternodes. Then a splash screen will appear and will load the blockchain into the selected folder.


New look

Voila! The first look at new wallet is breathless. Spot buttons at the top marked from 1 to 6. Hover above them will give you mandatory information.

1-Sync level
4-Encrypted wallet
5-Light/Dark mode


It is advised to wait some time until wallet sync from scratch. For that time you can look around menu and see how old options look in new UI. Also it is good to read FAQ where is some information about Transcendence with external links.


Settings > Debug > Console will give wallet console ready for typing commands and this is where we will explain how to import private keys.


How to import private keys in qt wallet

Why to do this instead of just put your wallet.dat file into blockchain folder? As Transcendence dev said it is safer way. Also it is noted that on some systems "traditional" way of pasting wallet.dat into blockchain folder work. Anyway do not start this steps without backup your wallet file.

First open your old wallet, make backups of wallet.dat and masternode.conf files. If your wallet is encrypted unlock it, than in wallet console type:

dumpwallet "filename"

filename is name of dump file (ex. telosdump.txt)

Note: In Linux this command will create dump file in folder where is wallet qt files. In Windows some sources say that this file should be created first.

Lock on and close your old wallet. Fire up new wallet than go to wallet console and type:

importwallet "filename"

filename is name of dump file (ex. telosdump.txt with proper path to file or copy/paste file into folder where new wallet files are)

After this operation wallet should be restarted to take effect and show your balance.


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