Buy Teloscoin with Visa & Mastercard in seconds

Buy Teloscoin with Visa & Mastercard in seconds

By Teloscoin | Transcendence Blockchain | 24 Mar 2021

Besides crypto exchanges, from now you can also buy Teloscoin directly with your credit card through Indacoin.

Indacoin is the Pioneer of fiat-crypto processing since January 2014. Many crypto coins can be bought on this service and now Teloscoin (TELOS) is one of them.

Process is very simple, enter amount of fiat for which you want to buy TELOS, enter email address and TELOS wallet address (optional, you can use Indacoin account to get purchased Teloscoins).


Follow verification steps and your coins will be in your wallet shortly.

You can also use Indacoin APP to make your purchases.

Make sure you are using your own, 3D secure Visa or MasterCard and have drivers license, ID or passport available for verification process. Indacoin only accept Visa and Mastercard with 3D secure.

Buy TELOS on Indacoin:

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