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When we purchase a product, it implies that it has a warranty period during which the customer, in the case of a problem or a malfunction, can replace the purchased product with another product or service it free of charge. This is especially true for electronic devices.

If we take a look at the world of cryptocurrency, particularly at blockchain-based devices, we may say that there has been no progress until recently in order to provide guarantees for purchased blockchain devices (in the first place, we are talking about miners and similar devices).

We know from experience that the warranty for the purchased product is an integral part without which the responsible business of the company could not be considered serious anymore. Thus, in the crypto world, the most regular projects give their customers guarantees on purchased devices.

Transcendence blockchain follows this trend. They tried to provide its customers with a universal guarantee for their products and devices, which has a number of benefits.


BlockInsureME represents an extended warranty on the services and devices offered by the Transcendence blockchain. The warranty covers purchases on sites such as (for ARES Computer products),, indieGO,



For now, BlockInsureME is a warranty extension, but Transcendence has got plans to work on establishing Universal Insurance for various types of problems including Healthcare in the later stage.

If you use BlockInsureME you can earn cashback in the form of TELOS coins when you buy from Partner shops. This cash back is used to protect your purchased goods a whole life long. The more you collect, the more expensive goods are protected against failing.

One card protects all purchases as long as the balance of your card is sufficient to pay for the exchange or fixing of the product. The card includes a QR code on which you could pay TELOS to fill it in order to cover exchanges or fixing costs just in the moment of Disaster.

Cover the cost

As a manufacturer and seller, Transcendence always calculates the possible damage to parts and appliances that they distribute, which they legally required to do as a German manufacturer.

You can find answers to many questions in the FAQ section on the official website:


BlockInsureME offers three types of card or membership: Basic, Gold and Titanium.

BASIC Member Card

The Basic card offers you a warranty multiplier of 5. This means: With the first 50K TELOS you cover purchases up to 250K TELOS. Cashback/Refill for this card is 1%, discount 3%.


BASIC Member card — BlockInsureME


Purchase BASIC Member card here:

Gold Member Card

The Gold card offers you a warranty multiplier of 6. This means: With the first 200K TELOS you cover purchases up to 1200000 TELOS. Cashback/Refill for this card is 2%, discount 5%.


GOLD Member card — BlockInsureME


Purchase BASIC Member card here:

Titanium Member Card

The Titanium card offers you a warranty multiplier of 7. This means: With the first 1000000 TELOS you cover purchases up to 7000000 TELOS. Cashback/Refill for this card is 5%, discount 10%.


TITANIUM Member card — BlockInsureME


Purchase BASIC Member card here:

One defective device consumes TELOS coins from this Warranty-Wallet. You can refill this Wallet at any time and earn “extra” Warranty funds with every later purchase.

The benefits of owning a card are that you can earn cashback to fill the “Repair + Replacement” Fund and get discounts at the same time.

In the case of the Bluebox ( it also covers off-time caused by defective Hardware. So due to a technical fault, BlockInsureMe will cover the loss in rewards as well, using at first the funds on your card.

BlockInsureME partners


IndieGO (,



ARES Computer (,

Kryptobay (

List of all partners:

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