What future for Cardano? -FOCUS ON CARDANO (ADA) #5

What future for Cardano? -FOCUS ON CARDANO (ADA) #5

By Trading Passion | Trading's Passion | 21 Apr 2020

3 principles that guide the development of the roadmap:

1) The growth of the community and its needs A distributed and resilient network faithful to the vision of Satoshi Nakamoto Balancing the pace of research and development so that the commercial side does not prevail over the application of scientific rigor.  

2) Byron Mainent Cardano Settlement Layer launched Improvement of the Daedalus wallet design  

3) Shelley

  • Path to full decentralization of Cardano Users will be able to delegate their stake or act in a staking pool
  • Resistant to quantum computers transactions (with BLISS-B signatures)
  • Light client More “human friendly” addresses, a bit like email addresses.
  • Cardano users will be able to vote for the next updates and changes to the protocol using their stake (ADA tokens) Paper wallets to secure your offline funds on a physical medium.  


Next steps: Goguen, Basho, Voltaire

1) New generation of virtual machine called IELE

2) Improved performance, security and scalability

3) Interoperability with BTC and other "legal" cryptocurrencies


Cardano has a plan to be able to deploy ICOs on Cardano


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