Monero - Through the Roof !

By Sergei Nemetz | TradingDaily | 11 Sep 2020

I think you want to cast an eye over Monero monthly, weekly and daily performance.

I think you may like to read some about Monero this weekend. Unless, like me, you read about it when it started.

Recently closed 4 older positions: 3 at loss, one gain. Total? Nearly 100% gain, over 6 months (total of 16 trades). (ex fees - about 30%).

I am out of the market now, but I think there is some probability of such scenarios repeating again.

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Sergei Nemetz
Sergei Nemetz

I am a professional trader and a licensed stock broker. I retired early to travel and follow my burning passions. When my travels and passions burned big holes in my pockets, I returned to trading. Today I trade mostly gold and digital pseudo assets.


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