Loopring - thru the Bottom ?

By Sergei Nemetz | TradingDaily | 7 Oct 2020

I only met Loopring via publish0x - as a tipping token.

As I read daily and write weekly, at times I will go to the publish0x panel and look up the dislikes&likes, the responses, and token balances.

While the balances go up, their USD equivalents tend to go down and up. Except for LPR token, this one seems to be enjoying a deep dive.

Can't say why though. Have read their website and the news and have not found any indication of brewing trouble.

Now at 0.16 USD. Floor at about 0.02. Long way to go.





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Sergei Nemetz
Sergei Nemetz

I am a professional trader and a licensed stock broker. I retired early to travel and follow my burning passions. When my travels and passions burned big holes in my pockets, I returned to trading. Today I trade mostly gold and digital pseudo assets.


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