What Happens When Crypto Trading Platforms Are United?

By TradingBull | TradingBull_articles | 13 Apr 2021

Like most crypto traders, you probably use more than 3 exchanges. You probably switch between these exchanges, methodically evaluating prices and fees. You probably DYOR. You probably have the same asset stored in different exchanges or wallets. You probably transfer funds between these platforms.

And you probably hate the inefficiency of this.

The decentralized nature of blockchain means that this whole process is… decentralized. Disjointed. Siloed. Unintegrated.

As a foundational concept, this has been revolutionary. It has opened the world to a new economic age. It has reduced the unchecked authority a few institutions have over the global population.

But the hyper-segmented workflows of cryptocurrency platforms makes managing a crypto portfolio a disjointed, unintegrated and inefficient headache. Trading opportunities are lost as market conditions change in the moments it takes to compare prices. Having a true view of a portfolio can be a guessing game. No unified view means no complete oversight of your full digital asset portfolio. Of your funds.

TradingBull is developing the ecosystem that unites all the crypto platforms traders use within a complete interface. Can you imagine what will happen when all of your exchanges exist in the same view? When you can compare prices and fees in moments, not minutes? When you have a clear understanding of where each of your assets are being held? When you can monitor your full portfolio?

Or, more fundamentally, when you can take back control of your crypto trading and not have to rely on disjointed and inefficient workflows? At TradingBull, this is what we are thinking about, building, and growing.

Join our Telegram community to be a part of this mission, check out our website to learn more and stay tuned about our launch and upcoming BCO.

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