Speaking Crypto 101: DYOR

By TradingBull | TradingBull_articles | 18 Feb 2021

The crypto ecosystem has no shortage of jargon. Ambiguous phrases, acronyms and newly formed words that had almost no meaning a decade ago (or even a few months ago for many) are now widely used market signals informing strategic investment decisions. As Cryptocurrencies are natively digital, it is important to understand the vernacular, usage, and meaning of the digital vocabulary that has formed within the space.


DYOR- Do Your Own Research

There are no certainties in cryptocurrencies. This has been proven week after week, project after project, bull run after bull run. Strong project teams addressing widespread pain points in innovative ways quietly fade into oblivion. Literal jokes ascend from obscurity to eye watering prices for no apparent technical reason. The crypto industry is constantly in a state of change and staying updated with each event across the whole market can be daunting. 

In this time when those with the largest platform, who shout the loudest, speak with the most conviction or have the most animation seem to be the arbiters of truth, it is critical for sophisticated traders to suppress their emotional biases, gather the facts, and draw their own informed conclusions. 


DYOR is a qualifier, a way for people to ‘have their cake and eat it too.’ It is a way of taking responsibility for the upside when things go well, while diminishing the blame of the downside when they do not. If someone finishes their thoughts with DYOR and the price increases, they take responsibility for bringing this valuable, insightful and qualified information to the masses. Yet if the price drops after the same message, DYOR deflects the responsibility, deferring to the inherent risk of trading digital assets.


Your parents were right: Not everything you read on the internet is true. DYOR places this consideration front and center for the audience to interpret. It encourages people to be skeptical and ask the hard questions. But DYOR also demonstrates humility. It says, “this is how I reached my conclusion. I believe I am right. However, you do your own analysis and gather your own facts before blindly following me.” The DYOR mindset will always be at the forefront of sophisticated traders' investment strategy.


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