Balancing Complexity and Simplicity in Digital Assets

By TradingBull | TradingBull_articles | 26 May 2021

While the answer is (like all of life’s most complex questions) “likely a little bit of both,” it is important to define where these efforts should be directed. In creating more secure cybersecurity architectures, smaller carbon footprints, and regulatory frameworks, more complexity may be a good thing. After all, comparatively little time and capital has been allocated to these critical aspects of the crypto ecosystem.

But instead, most of cryptiocurrency's complexity has been focused on providing a large quantity of choices. Thousands of tokens, hundreds of exchanges, platforms and services have cropped up, giving traders and investors endless complexity to choose from. Today, it seems there is a project to solve every problem and meet every pain point.

With so many platforms and so much complexity, simplification may offer the true fix to many of the problems these platforms and assets aim to solve. Blockchains are inherently decentralized. There is no single point of complete control, no intermediary to develop trust or foster simplicity. This process is handled by the complexity of cryptography, leaving most platforms and assets siloed and disjointed.

In an ecosystem where centralization is a four letter word, simplification offers a solution. Rather than insisting more is more, more complexity creates better solutions, or more options offer better outcomes, simplification offers a powerful alternative.

TradingBull recognizes the power of simplicity. By creating the Bloomberg terminal for crypto trading, where all platforms exist together, cryptocurrencies are simplified, not complicated even further. Offering integration with the leading exchanges, wallets, news sources and on chain data feeds, TradingBull handles the complexity while delivering simplicity for its users. Users will be able to manage their full crypto portfolio from a single interface, rather than having to switch between an endless amount of platforms. Centralization may not be the answer but simplification is. 

Leave the complexity of aggregating your Digital Asset portfolio to TradingBull and simplify your experience.

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