Trading Journey (1W)

By jorgegabrielvm | Trading Journey | 15 May 2020

Good morning guys,

Lets keep up


Screenshot (1218).png

After watching this you can go, you dont need to read the full blog

That candle on 1W is the key right now

To be clearly bullish not only we need to close above resistance but that ichimoku cloud, (remember inside ichi clouds no trading rules applies)


Screenshot (1219).png

Now is see why I dont know wtf is this, look I wont trade it, I will buy it, if you know what I mean


Screenshot (1221).png

Finally we got 4H, looks bullish at first sight and BTC is trading above support level, but I dont like the h&s looking like pattern, so I rather wait to see something more clear to scream bull

Like I said, 1W, lets do it


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Trading Journey
Trading Journey

My BTC/USD Trading Journey

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