Kumex - Leverage Trading From Kucoin + Chance to Earn 10,000 KCS + Free 1 BTC for Trading (Testnet)

Kumex is the new additions to Kucoin trading platform. On Kumex you can trade on BTC with 20X leverage more coins will be added soon on the plateform. Kumex is still in Testnet. To celebrate Kumex launch kucoin had announced 10,000 KCS as a reward prize. You would also be getting 1 XBT which is equal to 1 BTC for simulated trading.


How To Sign Up on Kumex

If you are already on Kucoin ther's is no need top reigister seprately. you can use the same credentials to login into Kumex.

If you are a New User you can use https://www.kucoin.com/#/?r=E3IHMp to register. You need to enter your email and complete the verification to register to the same.


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How to Join Kumex Trading Contest - Chance to Earn 10,000 KCS

1. To Join Kumex trading Contest Click Here

2. After you login click on Contract to go to Kumex.

3. Click on Enable Contract Trading

4. Accept Terms and Conditions

5. Set Trading Password

6. Then you would be awarded with 1 XBT (which is equal to 1 BTC) for Simulated Trading. 

7. Under Asset Tab you can check your XBT.

Kumex Trading Contest Terms and Conditions

1. First round of the Contest would commence from 18:00 July 8, 2019 to July 15, 2019 (UTC+8)

2. Rewards would be distributed ont the basis of rankings which would be updaing on daily basis at 18:00 (UTC+8)

3. Kucoin reserves the right to change any contions witout prior notification.

4. Any malicious act would lead to disqualification from the Trading contest.

5. The rewards for the contest would be distributed amoung top 436 users as 

First position - 1000 KCS

2-6 postions - 1500 KCS

7-26 positions - 2000 KCS

27-106 positions -2500 KCS

107-406 positions - 3000 KCS

The Rewards would be distributed equally for each position

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