How to add iFARM to your MetaMask

How to add iFARM to your MetaMask

By Yaz Sheikh | Trading Blog | 5 Apr 2021

At the beginning of April Publish0x switched from giving out $FARM tips to giving $iFARM tips instead. This is great news as $iFARM is an interest-bearing token and, just by holding it, you are entitled to interest from the Profit Sharing Pool on Harvest Finance!

Sounds great, right? Just by holding $iFARM, you are automatically earning interest without the need to do anything specifically!

In this post, I would like to guide you through how to add iFARM to your MetaMask and then editing the address in your Publish0x dashboard to ensure you receive your payout properly.

Adding iFARM to MetaMask

There are two methods to adding $iFARM to your MetaMAsk;

Method 1 - Using CoinGecko “Add” button

This is the easiest route. First, you must be logged into your MetaMask to have it unlocked.

Next, head over to the $iFarm page on CoinGecko. You can access it here.

All you have to do now is locate the “MetaMask Fox” and click it;


This will bring up the following MetaMask popup. From there, you just need to click “Add Token”;


That’s all there is to it. $iFARM will now appear under the assets in your wallet;


Method 2 - Adding $iFARM As A Custom Token

This next method is a little more manual.

First, click the “MetaMask Fox” icon to bring up the wallet. Then go ahead and click “Add Token”;


As $iFARM won’t be available under the “search” function, you will need to click “Custom Token”;


Next, you need to paste the Contract Address for $iFARM into the following box;


The contract address for $iFARM is;


Simply paste this inside the box and MetaMask will populate the remaining fields automatically for you;


Then, click next to bring up the following screen;


From here, you just need to click “Add Tokens” and that is all there is to it.

Adding your address to the Publish0x dashboard

To receive $iFARM payouts you will have to enter your payout address into the Publish0x dashboard.

The payout address you need is simply just your MetaMask wallet address. To find this, hit the “MetaMask Fox” icon in the top right corner of your browser. The address you need is highlighted next to the giant arrow. It's the same address that is being used to deposit all sorts of ERC-20 tokens.  You only need to click the address and MetaMask will automatically copy it to your clipboard for you;


Once the address is in your clipboard, head over to the Publish0x Wallet Dashboard. You can access it here.

Now, you just need to paste the wallet address we just copied into the $iFARM box and then click “Save”;


For security, Publish0x will then send a confirmation email to you for you to verify this change. Once you have verified, you will be set up to receive $iFARM payments directly to your MetaMask.

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Yaz Sheikh

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