Why BAT is the most undervalued ERC-20 project.

By MadMaxx | Trader's paradise | 27 Aug 2020

Before we get started, I know you want to get in on this uniswap craze, but don't know what to buy. Don't deny it๐ŸŒ›. If you join my telegram group, you'd know exactly what I'm buying and why I'm buying it. I've made s lot of money from Uniswap this year, and it'll continue like that for a while. Why not join me? Join my telegram here!

You guys know I love value. Not just me. Everyone loves value.

Value is what we place on an object that makes it important to us. And when we value something, we try to have as much of it as is legally possible.

Like money. We all value money, so we try to stash as much of it so we can be comfortable.

Now apply that same mentality to BAT. This thing is super undervalued. You'll learn why in this post.

Many may come at me saying: "He's only saying this because he has a huge stash of BAT".

And yes, while I do have a huge stash of BAT, it doesn't change my mentality or perspective of the project, which was what made me own the huge bag in the first place.

First off, there's literally no competition to BAT at the time. And if there are, they probably didn't make it big like BAT, which is why we don't know them.

BAT is a blockchain based browser. In other words, it's a working product based on a technology we all want to be adopted en mass.

Secondly, it still has a pretty low market cap, despite its features. This means that not a lot of people have found it. As Donnie Azoff from "The Wolf of Wall Street" said, "It's like getting in on sunlight before there was fucking sunlight".

Which makes it easier to accumulate now that it's cheap. BAT has been in an accumulation for many months, never really passing the 0.30 level or going below the 0.15 level. Inexperienced traders would say that the token hasn't been ranging, but zooming out on a weekly time frame would prove otherwise.

Lastly, they literally give it out for free if you use their browser. Yep, downloading and making use of the Brave browser gets you free BAT tokens whenever you use their browser and view privacy respecting ads. There is literally no reason why you shouldn't own at least 1.

Those are my reasons! What do you think of BAT? Let me know down below.

Thanks for reading!

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