Price analysis | BTC, BAT and BNB: Round two!

By MadMaxx | Trader's paradise | 26 Aug 2020

Before we get started, join my telegram channel here. We bought the BTC dip at 11141 yesterday!

Boy o boy, am I on fire!

All my analyses have been spot on for the past three or four days now, and I really hope this streak continues.

I told you that BTC was going to dip. It dipped. And I told you where it would dip to. And it did dip to that exact spot. If you have been paying attention, you'd have had two trades that would have netted you a total of 120% with 10x leverage. You're welcome.

Let's look at what's next now. And I hope you'll take it seriously this time.

1e22954123f46f5121711271c6e6ccd6c54df619f1ae2ab6920b038198da6a20.jpegthis was what my telegram group got to see BEFORE the crash happened. We've already longed 11141 and are up a decent margin now.

That said, I believe it is time for BTC to test the upper range of this extension at 11800.(where we shorted in the original price analysis a while ago). That is where I'll be looking to close off this long if there is any weak reaction.

If you have not yet longed, a close above 11600 on the 4 hour is a good opportunity to long. Just ensure you don't over leverage as there may be liquidation wicks.




BNB bounced perfectly from the EMA200 as expected and is now making it's way up to the range high. I'm up about 72% on 15x leverage, and I'm loving it.

I gave this analysis yesterday (only 120 views, sad😣) where I told everyone to buy that region. If you read and bought, congrats.

Now we approach the all too important resistance at $23. I'll wait for a reaction at that level before closing the long or opening a short. Either way, a very amazing performance of late from BNB!




This was the chart I gave yesterday. Perfect opportunity to long within the green box, and as is evident from recent price action, the long opportunity was successful. The long is now up 42% on 20x leverage.

That said, we might run into some obstacles on the way up. BTC likes to spoil parties like this, and I really hope it stays tame while we make some bank from BAT!


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Till next time, trade safe!

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