Price analysis | BNB and BAT.

Price analysis | BNB and BAT.

By MadMaxx | Trader's paradise | 21 Aug 2020

Hello and welcome to another price analysis. Boy have I got some great news for you!

I opened your eyes to the opportunities residing in BNB and BAT yesterday. In today's articles I bring with me even more opportunities. 

Let's get started!




BNB went according to plan.(read yesterday's analysis for what "plan" means).  The mid point of the triangle held as support and we saw a very decent bounce from there. I alerted my telegram channel members before the bounce, and we managed to secure 40% profit with 10x leverage.(consider joining my group!)

The pump was predominantly caused by big boy CZ tweeting about BNB's latest update: DeFi.

This caused a lot of FOMO, but for something with such a high market cap, the FOMO only moved it about 4%.

We are now about to bounce from the moving average, which is a wonderful entry in my opinion.



Try as I may, I was unable to post the chart for BAT. It's a rather frustrating experience posting pictures on this site now, as all I see is a grey screen and it comes back to the post. Please bear with me.

BAT broke out from yesterday's structure and pulled a 33% move again today. In other words, if you had taken both my setups on BAT, you would have made a total of 66% now in just 4 days. Amazing stuff!

BAT currently faces resistance in form of the strong 3.3k sat level. I have already sold my holdings there, and would look to buy on a confirmed breakout of the level.


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Trader's paradise
Trader's paradise

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