A quick technical analysis article: BTC, BAT, BNB: Moon next?

A quick technical analysis article: BTC, BAT, BNB: Moon next?

By MadMaxx | Trader's paradise | 18 Sep 2020

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Now on to the analysis!




BTC did not reach the target given in yesterday's post before reversing again. My group and I exited our short before the reversal yesterday, so consider joining us here.


Bitcoin once again looks bullish. The candles are looking like someone is absorbing all the available supply and is waiting for a pump up.

Equally, one of grayscales companies acquired half a million dollars in BTC recently. It seems the only way is up for now.




Did you short it when I said you should? If no, don't miss the chance to long it now.

BNB looks absolutely amazing here. Flipped supply to demand, has a bullish breaker applied and a huge surge of volume.

If you're not long, you're obviously wrong and u can't do much to help you.

Structure is pretty bullish as well. There was a retrace to the magical fib level (0.618) and a lot of buying absorption coming along the 20MA. Seems due for a run up soon.




BAT looks pretty ok.it has gone along with the squiggly line drawn yesterday rather perfectly, and hopefully continues going.

I got a full at the point marked "X" myself, and am up about 3% on small leverage. If BTC doesn't look good, I will dump the position for breakeven or a small loss.

Tbh, BAT is going to be replaced soon. There are more projects that have better features and are more scalable, and many may jump on the new bandwagons. BAT is pretty old at this point.


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