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By trade60 | trader in the kitchen | 24 Jan 2021

A simple and quick but very tasty first course.



Ingredients for 4 people:
vermicelli 350 g.
Walnuts 18/20
Pecorino romano to taste
Fresh cream 150 g.
EVO oil 2 tablespoons
Salt to taste.
pepper as needed.
basil to taste
Shell the walnuts and chop them coarsely without crushing them.
Pour them into a pan with the oil and cook them for a few minutes over low heat without making them toast, add the cream.
Meanwhile, put the spaghetti in cooking and cook them, draining them al dente.
Pour the spaghetti into the pan with the walnuts with a little water from the pasta and let them cook again, mixing everything; add the pecorino, pepper and finally the basil.
Enjoy your meal.


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thanks for reading.

Mario Carotenuto.

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Sono un uomo di 60 anni, non lavoro da un bel pò di tempo e ora mi occupo a tempo pieno di trading e di cryptovalute

trader in the kitchen
trader in the kitchen

The great kitchen from Campania Italy. Much more than a recipe book, it is a source of inspiration for all those who want to relive the memory of a flavor. A diary of typical recipes from Campania that not only takes us back in time, making us experience ancient emotions but also modern times. In fact, it is also possible to find modern and revisited recipes.

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