Forecasting the Price of Cardano (ADA) from November to December 2021

Cardano made a  great image on the big number of crypto market participants who joined in January 2021.
The most critical question for holders of this currency is why even though several currencies climbed significantly in October and November, we are still in the red or didn’t make profit. 
If you are upset and concerned that you are lagging behind the market, I should inform you that you are most emphatically incorrect; the market's uptrend just began on November 8th, 2021. 
According to the first figure, which is related to the ADA's dominance, the green trendline will soon break upward, but it's worth noting that ETH is prepared for a drop due to the strong divergence in the daily timeframe. In my opinion, simply wait for the ETH and BTC price drops, which will occur in less than a week the enter to the market.

Fig.1The second figure depicts a price analysis. By confirming that the price has broken above the green trendline, we can determine that the price will continue to rise. However, prior to a significant upward move, ADA's price should drop to 2.08~2.07, which may occur on November 12, and then move up on the trendline, followed by a massive increase after November 15th.

Fig.2I hope you found today's analysis interesting.

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Trade Cryptocurrencies At The Right Time.
Trade Cryptocurrencies At The Right Time.

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