Town Star Winter Competition

Town Star Game Winter Competition - Up To $200 Worth In Crypto Coins To Be Won (Edited with Updates)

By Eppie2020 | Town Star by Gala Games | 18 Dec 2020

Updates: This competition has ended but you can still join the regular competition being held every week where top 100 players get Gala coin rewards. Visit this link to learn more about Town Star and this link to get started with the game. 


Town Star Game December 2020 Winter Competition

Read more below to learn:
  • About Town Star and the competition;
  • Schedule of the games;
  • Requirements;
  • Guaranteed rewards to all new players; and
  • Link to game guides


Town Star Game December 2020 Winter Competition

If you're into town building or farming games, here's your chance to play your kind of game, have fun, and win one of the hundreds of prizes to be given away. ^_^


About Town Star And The Game Competitions:


Town Star is a town building blockchain-based game. You can read more about Town Star here.

Even before this competition, the Gala Games Network (Town Star Game Creator) has already been promoting weekly competitions where Town Star players can win thousands of Gala Coins (an Ethereum-based tradeable crypto coin). But for this particular Winter Competition prizes are as follows:

Prizes For Weeks 1 to 3:

>> $100 in Crypto Coins (BTC or Eth) for each of the top ten players.

>> Top 100 players will win a rare token (a bot part for in-game use.)

>> Top 1000 players will win a common token (a bot part for in-game use.)

Prizes For The Final Week (Week 4):

>> $200 in Crypto Coins (BTC or Eth) for each of the top ten players.

>> Top 100 players will win a rare token (a bot part for in-game use.)

>> Top 1000 players will win a common token (a bot part for in-game use.)

(Note: bot part tokens can be traded or sold for crypto coins.)


Schedule of the Winter Game Competitions:


>> Week 1 - Ended

>> Week 2 - Ended

>> Week 3 - Ended

>> Final Week 4 - Ended


Requirements to Join:

Only your device and internet connection.

  • You are free to join and participate. No registration fees required.
  • This is a browser game so you don't need to download and install any app.
  • You can use any device that can connect to the internet. (e.g. Desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone).


How to Join and Start Playing:


Step 1: Register your free Gala account HERE (my invite link). 

- You also get free 100 Gala coins when you join and play.


Step 2: Login to your Gala account and click on "Play Town Star" or "Play Now" links that are found inside the Town Star banners.

play now link in banners


Step 3: Choose a server >> make sure you choose or join the WINTER CHAMPIONSHIP server.

Town Star Game Servers


Step 3: Wait for the game to load then click on the red PLAY NOW button.

Play Now Button


Step 4: Select a location for your town.

You can select a location anywhere in the Town Star World map. Read a game guide on how to select an ideal location for your town here.

Town Star Pick a Location


Step 5: Start playing and have fun! ^_^

Start Playing Town Star


Guaranteed Rewards to All NEW Players:

Gala Coin

Gala Games network is giving away 100 Gala coins to ALL new members/players.  So if you join and play Town Star, on any server (e.g. Winter Competition, Weekly Competition, or Free Play server) - you will be rewarded with 100 Gala coins just for trying out the game.

And since Gala is giving away rewards for the Top 1000 game participants in the Winter Competition - you are almost certain to receive even a token (cranebot part), that you can collect or sell at opensea.  (See Town Star Opensea Marketplace here.)

So join now and don't forget to visit the game guides link below. :)


Link to Game Guides:


Here's a link to Town Star beginners guide (Introduction and How to Start):


For game support: Join Gala's Discord (recommended). You can chat with a lot of friendly and helpful players there including the game creators themselves. :) 

Just find and click on the Discord link that's found in your Gala account Home page and join the discussion:

Gala Discord


That's it for this post.  (",) 

Thank you for reading this far. Happy Gaming and God bless! 

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Town Star by Gala Games
Town Star by Gala Games

This blog will feature Town Star "how-to" guides to help new players get started in the game. Town Star is a fun, interactive, and very engaging blockchain-based game that is being developed by Gala Games network. The game is still in beta so don't expect the guides to be 100% accurate, but still I'll do my best to keep it updated as the game progress. :)

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