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Town Star Game - How to Get Started

By Eppie2020 | Town Star by Gala Games | 25 Sep 2020

This post is about how to start playing Town Star. If you want to read a short intro backgrounder and review about this game, you can visit my post here.  Thank you! :) 


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Town Star Game - How to Get Started

This guide is recommended to newbie Town Star players or those who just registered with Gala and doesn't have an idea where or how to start.  

The following topics are included in this post:

  • Brief description of (and benefits from) the game;
  • First Step >> JOIN GALA
  • 2nd Step >> Login and access Town Star game thru your Gala account;
  • 3rd Step >> Start playing!
  • Guide/Tips: Choosing your town's location; How to start building; and How to restart the game (iif you need to).



Town Star Game: A Brief Description:

Town Star Gif

Town Star is a free browser game.  You don't need to download and install any app or software.  All you need is a device that can connect to the internet (e.g. PC, laptop, tablet, phone, etc.)  AND - you also need a Gala account.

Town Star is a type of town building simulation game, where you as a player, will act as the town's manager or mayor.  You'll get to choose your town's location (any place in the world) and what type of land to settle on (forest, plains, or desert). At the onset of the game, you will be given a few resources to start with.  It is your job to plan and strategize as to how you will use the initial resources so you can develop your town to the fullest.

The difference between Gala's Town Star game and other town building games like Farmville, is that Town Star is a "blockchain game" (You can learn more about blockchain gaming here.).  Town Star is (or will be) using its own coin or crypto currency in its in-game transaction/activities and that coin can be - transferred to others thru a blockchain.  It can also be traded with other cryptos, hence, there is a possibility of earning real money from this game in the future.  

As of this writing, Town Star is still in beta but there's already a fast growing interest around this game, so it's really important to get in the game early


Benefits of the game (as of this writing):

1. Get 100 Gala coins for signing up and playing the game.

2. Get a Town Star Beta Key - owning it has its own privileges. :)

3. Refer a friend and get 100 Gala coins for each friend that signs up and plays (he/she also get 100 Gala for him/herself).

4. Get the opportunity to mine "BoxCoins" (Town Star's premium in-game currency - coming soon).

5. Become one of the top players and get Gala coin rewards.

6. Keep your brain active while having fun playing the game during your spare time.

7. You get to learn and develop some business management skills (e.g. resource allocation, budget management, inventory, logistics, etc.) 

8. and more! - especially if you upgrade your account to become a Gala Gold Member (for one-time cost of $10.00 only). I'll explain it more in a separate post soon.






The first step, of course, is to join Gala. If you Don't have a Gala Game Account yet, you're welcome to register using the link below (it's my invite/referral link, thanks :)):



STEP 2:  Login to your Gala account and access the Town Star game.


There is no direct access to the game, you have to login to your gala account first then access the game link from there:

Gala sign in


After logging in, click the blue "PLAY NOW" button on the Town Star banner - OR click on your account profile icon located at the upper left corner of your screen, then click "Play TownStar".

Play now2


The game will now start loading. When the big PLAY button appears, click it and start playing!




STEP 3: Start Playing Town Star!


Choose Your Town Location:


Once in the game, the first thing that you will be prompted to do is to pick a location for your town.

Town Star Best Location For Town 


Best place for your town is somewhere near any city. Your town's products will be traded/sold in the city so if you're near one you will save a lot of gasoline.  Gasoline is a very valuable game resource and you have to save it as much as possible.

Town Star Pick a Location


The type of land is also important when choosing a location for your town.  There are three types of land >> Forest, Plains, and Desert. 

Town Star Forest Plains Desert


On the map, the greenish land is a forest, the yellowish are plains, and the desert is beige/cream in color. FOREST is the best place to start for newbie players because it has a lot of resources like trees and ponds.  You can try the other two later on when you're more familiar with the game and wanted a new challenge. 

Land Types Town Star

After deciding on your location, click on it.  You will be ask to confirm if you really want to place your town in that location, click YES. After that you will be ask to name your town.  Type the name you prefer in the box provided, click OK and you're done - your town will be created and you can start playing Town Star! 



Guide: How to Start Building:


At the start of the game, you will be given a few initial resources and workers.  It is now your challenge to plan carefully and use your resources wisely. 

Your town is divided into smaller tiles or 16 x 16 tiles to be exact.  So that means you have a total of 256 tiles where you can build roads, plant crops, erect buildings, etc..

Start of Game


A few tips to get you started:  

1. To build additional structure or hire a worker, click on any "Grass" tile, "Pasture" tile or any other tile in your town.  If the shop icon appears, then you are allowed to place a building/structure in that tile.  This is the shop icon >> shop icon  - it is found at the lower right corner of your computer screen.  Click the shop icon then select the type of building that you want to place in that tile.


2. You can remove any existing structure in your town - and you can either get paid for it - OR it can cost you.  Just click on the structure that you want to remove and a box will appear with an amount.  If the amount is in green text - you'll get paid, if it's in red - you will pay.

remove cost


3. When selling/trading your products, just click on the truck (sometimes a pier when you're surrounded by water), then click the "Sell" icon.  You need at least 10 units of each product that you want to sell/trade before you can proceed with the transaction.  It will cost you at least 1 gasoline per sale/trade, depending on how far you are from the city. 

The more farther you are from a city, the more gasoline you need to make the trip.

Gas cost


 4. You can plant your crops anywhere but it's best to place them near ponds, so that your farmers don't have to water them - it will save you a lot of time. 

Planting crops


5. The production of your time depends on a lot of things such as road planning, crop selection, building/crop placement, etc...  Proximity is an important factor that affects production.  There are some buildings (or) crops that will yield slower if place near certain buildings or location (if near a mountain or ocean).  

For example: You can place a Tree Farm beside a Sheep Pen and both of them will grow/produce at their optimum rate.  But if you place a Tree Farm beside a Windmill, the tree will grow very slow.   (More tips about proximity soon, just visit my PublishOx blog here from time to time for updates/new articles.)


Next, how to reset or restart your game.



How to Restart the Game:

There may come a time that you may want to start all over again from scratch - in the same location or in a different place and/or type of land.  You can do this by first destroying your existing town.  (You can destroy your town to start over as many times as you like.)

To proceed, click on the Globe icon Globe icon located at the lower left corner of your screen to view the world map.

Next, click on your town on the world map, then click "Remove Town".

remove town


Next, you will be ask to confirm if you really want to destroy your town. Click on the red "Destroy Town" button.

confirm destroy town

Lastly, you will be given a code.  You need to enter that code in the box provided then click OK to complete the destruction of your town.

provide code 

Congratulations! You just destroyed your town! 

Now you can start a new one! ^_^



That's it for this post.  (",) 

I will be posting more guides/tips/tricks soon so please do check my blog here from time to time for updates. 

Thank you for visiting and reading. God bless! 

If you Don't have a Town Star / Gala Game Account yet, you're welcome to register using the link below (it's my invite/referral link), thanks:




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Town Star by Gala Games
Town Star by Gala Games

This blog will feature Town Star "how-to" guides to help new players get started in the game. Town Star is a fun, interactive, and very engaging blockchain-based game that is being developed by Gala Games network. The game is still in beta so don't expect the guides to be 100% accurate, but still I'll do my best to keep it updated as the game progress. :)

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