Town Star Guide: Gasoline Production

Town Star Guide: Gasoline Production

By elnidocatsanctuary | Town Star Guide | 22 Sep 2020

One of the major challenges you'll face in making your town sustainable is being able to produce your own gas.


Necessary Materials: 


To procure the necessary materials you will need:


Background Information:


    1. The Refinery and Water Facility come with their own workers who collect the necessary materials for their products. The Oil Pump and Wind Turbine however only produce crude oil and energy respectively. You will need to hire an Industrial Worker to collect these by purchasing a Worker House.
    2. Purchasing a Worker House hires an Industrial Worker to do the following:
  • Pick up energy from the wind turbine and store it in a warehouse, which is also where water drums are stored.


  • Note: Water drums are used for Industrial buildings and are different from water buckets which are collected from wells.
  • Pick up crude oil from the oil pump and store it in a fuel storage, which is also where petroleum and gasoline go.


Gas Production Tips:


  1. A good rule of thumb would be once you're down to 20 gas (half of your initial 40) you should already be planning out and building towards your gas production.
  2. You can stock up on Energy, Water Drums, and Crude Oil before building your Refinery. This will help you produce a quick and steady stream of Petroleum and Gas upon building your Refinery.
  3. Making gas in itself is a net negative and will bankrupt you if you can't sustain yourself. You need to have a decent source of income before you begin producing gas. Selling basic components won't be enough and you'll need to aim for any higher tier product before you start doing so.
  4. You can choose to purchase just 1 refinery and switch between producing petroleum and gasoline, or have 2 refineries: 1 for petroleum and the other for gasoline, which is potentially more efficient and needs less maintenance but is also significantly more expensive to maintain.


Potential Upgrades:


  • Faster Water Drums: Change Wells to Wind Pumps; use Water Pumps to supply passive Water Drums to your Refineries.
  • Faster Energy: Change Wind Turbines to Power Plants; Use Nuclear Power Plants to supply passive Energy to your Refineries.
  • Faster Gas: Use 2 Refineries: 1 for Petroleum and 1 for Gas.


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