Apollo Currency (APL) Airdrop

By cholaBature | totatree | 20 Jan 2020


About Apollo Currency.(Adopted from CoinMarketCap) Launched by a team of 20+ on 01/11/2017, Apollo views itself as a direct competitor of the top 20 cryptocurrencies on the market, reportedly combining the features of most of them into one decentralized platform.

Apollo views itself as unique in that its transaction speed is 1-2 seconds. Apollo claims to not suffer from blockchain sustainability issues, such as blockchain bloat. Nearly every blockchain on the market grows in size as its transaction speeds get slower. Apollo reportedly gets faster the more users that are on the system and its database can reportedly grow to unlimited sizes due to technologies incorporated into it, such as sharding, adaptive forging, and node time synchronization. Here is the price of Apollo Currency and it's rank.

Apollo views itself as one of the first sustainable blockchains on Earth.

For this airdrop you will require
1. Telegram
2. Email
3. Twitter
4. APL wallet address

The steps are very simple
1. Start a chat with this telegram bot
Telegram Bot Link

2. Follow Apollo Currency Twitter account. Here is the link to their account.

3. Submit your email address to the telegram bot

4. Submit your APL wallet address to the telegram bot
***** How to get an APL wallet address??
You can sign up for one here
It is an online wallet and this would be convenient for you

By following these steps you could earn 500 APL. At the end the telegram bot will give you a referral link. For every referral you will get 200 APL. So enjoy the airdrop and get your free APL and share the referral link with your friends to earn more APL. The telegram bot will take 6 hours to verify wether you completed the tasks or not.



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