Earn EOS with Chain Clash

By LorenzoT | ToRa | 8 May 2020

Hi everyone!

I have been trying out games for some time now. Among the dapp games one of the few with very beautiful graphics is Chain Clash.

What you need to do is choose an avatar from the Common, Rare or Epic that can be EOS, BTC, ETH, TRX, BCH, BAD and make them grow in level, primarily with the fighting, but you can also use boosts and tickets training.


Each avatar has its own characteristic. To give a couple of examples, the EOS avatar has agility, while the BITCOIN avatar has endurance.

Boosts are received every time you level up. Each level you gain a boost.

Instead, ticket training and recover energy are obtained when daily and long-term goals are achieved.

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Once your avatar has leveled up, you can sell it by entering a minimum and maximum EOS currency. The sale is valid for three days and starts from the maximum price. Each hour that passes, the price approaches the minimum sales price initially set.

During the sale, it can be canceled at any time.


Once an avatar is sold, you can buy others to grow and resell when you have reached the goal you have set.

If you know other games like that, let me know !!!

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