HTC, Samsung, Microsoft, EY & ConsenSys Release Blockchain Products

By Mappo | Top Blockchain News | 5 Mar 2020

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It is no secret that many large tech firms have stood up and taken notice of blockchain technology over the last few years. Initially, they saw the potential in this technology, but were reluctant to be associated with these ‘risky’ ventures; now this barely crossed one’s mind as we see new products and upgrades being released every other week. One will be hard pressed to find a major bank globally that has not established some connection to blockchain technology. As seen here, over 400 banks have public links to blockchain around the world. In fact, this article shows that blockchain technology has permeated many major industries with the supply chain industry leading the charge

Today has seen announcements from multiple major tech conglomerates with blockchain projects, namely, HTC, Samsung, Microsoft, Ernst & Young, and ConsenSys.


HTC incorporate Bitcoin Nodes into their new 5G Router

On March 4th, 2020, HTC revealed the Exodus 5G Hub, a secure 5G device connecting all internet-enabled devices. It also supports a full Bitcoin node, allowing users to earn BTC while partaking in the network security and block production.

The device also features a “private vault” allowing users a view of their balances in BTC, ETH, BNB, LTC & XLM, as well as all ERC-20 & ERC-721 tokens.

HTC has already released two smartphones with cryptocurrency features.

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Samsung provides Banks with Blockchain-Based Payments Solution

On March 4th, 2020, the Korea Herald reported that Samsung SDS had signed an MoU with an Israeli fintech solutions provider to develop a blockchain-based solution, improving payment systems and the logging of their data.

Samsung SDS President & CEO, said that this was part of a greater expansion into the European sectors that seek digital transformation.

Last month, they changed their articles of association to include e-finance.

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Microsoft, EY & ConseSys team up to develop a new resource planning solution through Ethereum

These three enterprises have teamed up to develop the Baseline Protocol, a new approach to utilizing the Ethereum blockchain to connect firms’ internal systems for resource planning.

This new approach has moved from seeing Ethereum as a source of data to a message-orientated middleware. This concept is largely due to zero-knowledge proofs (ZKPs), in other words, the data stays with the individual company, while allowing them and others to verify knowledge and veracity of the data through ZKPs. This will deal directly with the common drawback of data transparency in blockchain solutions identified by many organizations.

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It is clear that we are now starting to see the fruits of the work undertaken over the last few years. Which industry will make the first imprint for wide scale adoption? Gaming, Fintech, Supply Chain, Comment below!

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