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A friend of mine once told me that the lion is a very lazy animal, I felt strange listening to him. To further buttress his point, he summit that it is the lioness that hunts and after killing its prey, the Lion can feed on same.


If that is the true position, why then do they call the lion the kind of they forest after all it solely depends on the Lion to feed.


The lion is very well interested in territorial conquest and so why bother to hunt when its bother itself with conquering and protecting its territory.


The Lion is fearless, majestic its steps and roar, it stand tall in the face of playing its role as the head of the jungle.


Men have so many attribute with the Lion, and that is why we make bold to call ourselves the Lion amongst other animals. Imagine calling myself a bat, or rat or weasel or even the chihuahua when been called out, Lol.


Calling myself a lion, does not give anybody the right to call me an animal though, ‘cos referring to a human being as an animal is the lowest form of insult, so why will I brag and call myself, a lion, which is an animal and at the same time get angry when called an animal?


Let me rest my case before somebody get some funny idea about claiming the title.



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