Who Wants Brave Coin With Me...
brave coin new tab

Who Wants Brave Coin With Me...

By tomoyan | tomoyan | 31 May 2020

Anybody else working on this? tweet details

Modify Brave new tab to get Brave Coins?

I have done some modifications but it's not that interesting and I am already out of ideas 😓

So far, I changed a regular background to a Blockfi promo background and change the link to my page.

brave tomoyan

Changed the widget texts, but it doesn't look that interesting... I need some WOW factor...

I am going to add Tomoyan Swap "widget" in there but that is all I can think of right now.

Maybe someone has better design ideas? Something that makes it stand out or something? Anybody want to work with me? 

Help me, Help you!



Of course, if you have better ideas, you can do it without me so you can get all them all, but If I get some coins, I will share with you, PROMISE.

--- update ---

Widget idea

tomoyan swap

I think this is good enough on this post for now.

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