Publish0xTutorials: How To Stand Out And Become A "publish0xHERO"? Grow Your Audience Get More Exposure From Your Publish0x Posts
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Publish0xTutorials: How To Stand Out And Become A "publish0xHERO"? Grow Your Audience Get More Exposure From Your Publish0x Posts

By tomoyan | tomoyan | 16 Feb 2020

I have been on Publish0x for over a month now and I have had positive experiences so far.

This site is

  • Simple and easy user-interface
  • Free tipping
  • Easy earnings
  • Simple payout
  • Growing rapidly

There are a lot of good things going on here!

That being said, this site is not perfect. 

Especially the main page, the most important page.


Over 55,000 users and 38,000 blogs posts are competing against each other for this tiny space.

So if you are new here and starting out, the chance of your articles being displayed on the main page is pretty slim... to none probably.

Your posts will be buried under the big guys and probably never be discovered because you are "publish0xZERO"

Main page is a very tight space! 

(and these articles/authors won't change much so that doesn't help either😅)

So how do you stand out in a crowded space like this and become a "publish0xZERO" to "publish0xHERO"?

Well, I have no answer for that ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I am just a regular guy trying to make it like everybody else.


But what can you do? Something? Anything?

Well, these could be the answer 👇

social media

Cross posting and sharing your articles on different platforms!

This way you are extending your post's reach and improving the possibility of your posts to be seen, not just competing for more exposure on the main page here.


Very simple, it is a no brainer.

Just copy your post URL and tweet. Don't forget to use proper hashtags!




I am pretty new to reddit but it is very simple and easy to use.

Here is how to submit your post over there.

1. Go to Publish0x page and join the community.


2. Create a post


3. Type in "Title" and copy/paste publish0x "Url" and "POST"


I don't do Facebook, but you can use Facebook and other social media.

That is it!

This doesn't mean that you will beat all the big guys here... since they are probably doing the same thing already.

But at least, you will have more exposure and better chance to be discovered and become a

publish0xHERO! 🙂


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