Publish0x: Passive Income Project Build Your Own "Widget" No Coding!
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Publish0x: Passive Income Project Build Your Own "Widget" No Coding!

By tomoyan | tomoyan | 5 Apr 2020

Last week, I made my own Publish0x website using Publish0x's website widget.

It looked like this 👇 and this was what I wanted initialy.

main page

But I kind of liked to have some "featured" articles type of thing that stand out and little different from other articles... something like this one 👇


Publish0x's widget is great for grabbing bunch of articles and displayed them at once, but if you want to grab one specific article, you can't do that with their widget. So you need to "build" one by yourself without coding :)

You can easily turn URL into a widget (embed code), and there are so many services out there but I like this one called iframely.

Just copy an URL that you like and paste it in the form.

embed form

Hit the "CHECK" button and this will generate the code for you 👇


Copy this code and paste into your website and you will get this beautiful summary card with article snippet like this 👇

visual card

I really like iframely because it is customizable and embed code is "responsive" so that it automatically adjusts itself to different devices like mobile phone, tablet and desktop computer and your website will look great anywhere.

One small change you need to do manually is this link here 👇

link code

It doesn't have your affiliate code so don't forget to add it to the end of the URL

So you will get tips from this URL :)


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