PREsearch: Node Operator Reward 2nd Month

PREsearch: Node Operator Reward 2nd Month

By tomoyan | tomoyan | 1 May 2021

First month node OP reward (PRE) was pretty much garbage 💩💩💩 I ran a pre node for a month and received only 17 PRE for the 1st month which was about $1. I had to pay server fee for $10 so I was PREtty disappointed.

You can read my 1st month reward here.


But then things have improved the 2nd month!


This is my 2nd month on node reward ☝️

Dev team had a bunch of releases and they fixed a lot of things and node operator reward improved a little bit so this 2nd month, I earned 61 PRE for running a node and it was about $5
It wasn't a lot of increase, and I still can't pay for my server cost so I am still in red.



But maybe it will get better next month?

Claiming PRE


It is easy just "Claim Now" and there is no claim fee or transaction fee or anything. It will be added to the "Available to Stake" Your "Savings Account"


I am going to HODL on to it but if you want to you can withdraw from there. (but it seems like a huge delay on this process though)


They have been talking about improving on withdraw process which is moving to a different blockchain or something so be sure to check out the weekly updates 👇

Love the updated dashboard and stats

Here is my node stats.


And they even added the details page


If you are interested in running a node, Reliability Score and Latency Score are the most important key elements to receive more search requests (seems like) which lead to more rewards.
I am running my node on a cloud server so I am not sure how to improve these scores but if you know something, please let me know.

If you don't have a lot of PRE staked on your node, reward will be PREtty low, but if you are running on your own machine, you would do OK I think, but right now, I wouldn't recommend running it on cloud unless you don't mind losing money...🤣

BUT nodes are still running on the testnet

so when they migrate the nodes to mainnet, result could be improved a lot? I heard they are going to run a bot on testnet or feed some mainnet traffic to the testnet or something so we will see how that is going to work out next month.

PREtty excited about that!

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