Presearch: My First Month Node Operator Rewards (PRE)ty Excited About That?

Presearch: My First Month Node Operator Rewards (PRE)ty Excited About That?

By tomoyan | tomoyan | 31 Mar 2021


"Excited about thatPresearch went live with their node operator reward program about a month ago, which is still on a testnet right now, so mainnet rewards might be slightly different in the future once they migrate all the nodes, but here is how much I earned in a month.

If you are interested in Presearch node, this is all you need to know to get you started.

I used to run multiple nodes but currently, I am only running one node with about 4000 PRE staked on it. "Excited about that"


"Excited about that" My node was up 100%
Number of search request received: 172 times (4-5 times a day? 🙄)
And the success rate is almost 100%
So I would say my node is doing a pretty decent job but the reward I earned?


16 PRE 🤩  so "Excited about that"



"Excited about that" Claim PRE
If you have some PRE, you can claim it here. "Claim"


"Claim Now

claim again

Done! "Excited about that"


But where is the saving?

saving here

Yes, there. It takes a few minutes but its got transferred, "Excited about that"


My node latency is not that great but it seems like everyone is having the same latency issue and everything else (my stats) is pretty good so I am not sure why my node is not getting more requests.
My node utilization is 0.0024% so my node is up all the time for nothing, pretty much 🤷
I know this is still a testing phase but this is a tough one...
Maybe I am not staking enough PRE

How y'alls node doing?

I have to pay for my cloud server which was about $10 last month so the reward doesn't even cover the cost. So it makes no sense to run a node right now for me at least and it feels like they are telling me that my node sucks and they don't want me 😂😂😂

One good thing is that I bought PRE for my node when it was $0.02 few months ago and now it is about $0.10 so I am pretty "excited about that".

But other than that this is a pretty sad situation.

I am keep going with this for a while though since the dev team is constantly making changes and working on rewards situation and also nodes are still on the testnet so hopefully this will pick it up soon.

Fun Fact!

Average every 2 minutes, Colin Pape gets excited anything and everything about Presearch during weekly updates.

Don't forget to watch weekly updates on YouTube every week. "Excited about that"


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