HODL Of Dreams: My Crypto Journey

HODL Of Dreams: My Crypto Journey

By tomoyan | tomoyan | 9 Aug 2020

Since my crypto friend @alexandru-balan posted his crypto journey the other day 👇

Half a year in the crypto realm

alex post

I kind of wanted to tell my crypto story.

This year started pretty slow but then it got heated up pretty quickly back in February when Tezos started to took off. I got into Tezos because of the idea of staking and I got them when they were less than $1 so it was a pretty big success when it got really close to $4.

BlockFi HODL

My little seed money became nice and chunky so I traded most of it to get me some BTC and deposited into BlockFi to earn some interest on it while HODLing. Since then it pretty much auto pilot and I haven't touched it. I just held on to it and I got these interest on my BTC.

BlockFi interests 

  • April: $27.63
  • May: $25.53
  • June: $25.59
  • July: $33.84

Because of the recent BTC surge, I finally broke $1 a day interest in July. This could go down if BTC goes down of course but $1 a day was my initial goal so I am pretty happy with the BlockFi result and my next goal is $2 a day!

If you think about it, it is pretty hard to produce $1 content here every day so this BlockFi interest is a nice addition for doing absolutely nothing.

Another nice feature about BlockFi is this flexible interest payment option. 

flex option

You can pick and choose a currency if you want to get your interest paid in a certain coin.

Brave browser + creator rewards

I have been using brave browser and been a creator since last year and I have received about 390 BAT which is about $100 right now. (and I still have some BAT stuck in my mobile brave).  

Brave payouts and uphold wallet have had some ups and downs but overall I have had positive experiences with the browser. And I pretty much stopped using Chrome completely and I will never go back to the internet life that getting cookied and tracked all the time.

I think this BAT experience opened my eyes to different tokens and projects. 

Decentralized Finance

I have experimented a lot in DeFi projects and I have had some minor success but nothing too big. I love DeFi but it is a pretty tough space, huge learning curve, and it needs a lot of attention (almost too high maintenance at times) since things can change very quickly.

Here are some of my personal results. These are just me and you could have totally different results.

Loopring (LRC) Staking: 🔴

KyberDAO KNC Staking: 🔴🔴🔴

Ampleforth (AMPL): 🟢🟢

Compound (COMP) Token: 🟢🟢🟢

Compound (COMP) Staking: 🔴

Cosmos (ATOM) Staking: 🔴

Aave Lendings: 🟢🔴🔴

Compound Lendings: 🟢🔴🔴

Staked Lendings: 🟢🔴🔴

Various Poolings: 🟢🔴🔴

PoolTogether: 🟢

I have some mixed emotions about DeFi stakings and lendings because they are not necessary bad since they all produced some sort of rewards, but fees are so expensive and that just destroyed all the earnings and everything... but if you are a big fish, you could easily make good money in DeFi (just my opinion)

The most important lesson I learned from DeFi is this... "ETH Gas Station".

Before you do anything, lets check the gas price first.

eth gas station


I joined this platform back in January this year, and I have had some good luck and met some great people here. It is been fun.

I think this platform has evolved in a short amount of time since I started (ETH) and "climate" has been changed couple times I feel like?! but that could be just me. I really think ETH tipping is a game changer for this platform and they really need to market this because nobody hasn't done it.

If you can't get BTC, what is the next best thing? I think that is ETH, and it is the best alternative to get into crypto space if you are new and publish0x could easily attract new audiences who are interested in BTC.

The only thing they have to do is "say EEEETH!" and people will come.

Look at this guy, just "say DeFi" it blew 1UP. 

@Crypto_Lemon 😱 UpTrennd gains +250% in a day because it is "working" on DeFi integrations !

But ETH  Publish0x > or < DeFi uptrennd? Choice is up to you but this is a very easy pick for me.

Anyway who knew just writing some random crypto stuff and tipping could produce $250+.

lifetime earning

I am much more of a doer than a writer and I like to try some new stuff and keep things interesting for myself. And then I write about the stuff I have done. It is kind of like reports, my experience plus notes to myself. I have to say, this platform is not easy though... but I am not stressed about it either. Publish0x is a living monster, you never know what post is going to be big.

But you could easily?! become a big star if you keep trying. I think the key here is consistency and don't think about payout and never compare to other people. If you do well, that is great. If you not, that is okay, just keep doing what you are doing and hopefully rainbow will come out on Monday when payout is processed. Eventually, you will catch some big waves if you keep trying.

Hive and Steemit?

I have been on Hive and Steemit for a while. These platforms are crazy nuts and I think they are more like investment platforms in disguise and not so much blogging or social media? I still can't figure it out but if you become a whale or catch a whale, you will do alright. They definitely do have big money opportunities and it doesn't hurt to try.

somebody said uppptrennnnnnd? no. just no. hard pass for now. But maybe I should explore some other platforms? tbd

So what's my journey really?

My crypto journey is still in an early stage and I have no idea how it is going to end... hopefully happy ending? But then "happy endings are stories that haven't ended yet"... so we all know what is going to happen in the end ⚰️, oh well...

I really wanted to say my crypto journey has been more about going through DeFi adventures but I guess I was wrong. 

It has been all about HODL. When I checked my BlockFi interest this morning I realized that my HODL BTC value has been more than doubled 🤯 since I started. HODL of dreams is slowly coming together.

Besides crypto money, this journey has connected me to different people and communities that I have never thought possible since I am a half introvert and half "Hikikomori" with a bit of corona fear. I have been contacted from various marketing people and companies to CEOs for small projects and collabs and stuff so it has been interesting to say the least.

Well I should sign off before it gets too weird, HODL for lyfe.

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