FURUCOMBO: DeFi Value Menu - Make It A Combo 🍟

FURUCOMBO: DeFi Value Menu - Make It A Combo 🍟

By tomoyan | tomoyan | 8 Sep 2020

DeFi is happening. DeFi is fascinating. But DeFi is complicated.

DeFi services are kind of like fighting games.
New DeFi money moves are coming out everyday and you have to learn and practice for that bad ass moves to get that money.

Yield farming combo is f 3 , u/f 3+4 3+4 , u/f 3+4 3+4
Earn Free APY combo is u 1+2 d/b 4 4 f F 4 u/f 3 4 3



It is very overwhelming and exhausting to go through all these things.

  • Close Maker Vault
  • Compound Self-Liquidation
  • Move CDP to Compound
  • Maker Collateral Swap
  • Move CDP to AAVE
  • Arbitrage yCRV
  • Passive Income
  • BAL farming
  • CRV farming
  • Multi Swap
  • Maker Repay
  • Earn Free APY
  • Get Higher APY
  • Increase ETH exposure
  • Leverage Short DAI

What are they? How to use them? What do they mean?

I know some of them and I have tried them before. But new things are coming out so fast and there is a huge learning curve for each of them if you really want to understand what they are.
And there are so many things out there and it is hard to keep up with all of them.

But then I found this tool, FURUCOMBO.
This tool will make all your DeFi strategies into one big combo which saves time, steps, and probably fees?!

If you want "Passive Income" combo, just "Try it"
Simply allocate your funds into interesting-bearing tokens.
Initial funds: 1 ETH

  • Swap 1 ETH → DAI
  • Supply DAI to
    and receive cTokens

FURUCOMBO will build a combo for you 👇 So you don’t need to know exactly how to do it.

Once it is done, just "Send" it and it is all done in one transaction.

Here is the UI and combo menu 👇

Dtube: UI + Menu




If you know exactly what you are doing and want to build your own combo, you can do that too.
Choose a protocol and click on boxes and you can creat your combo like lego blocks 👇

Dtube: Build your own




I haven’t actually used this tool since the gas fee is still too high for me, and I still like to know what I am dealing with before I use, so I will try this when I feel more comfortable with the tool.

But I have been wanting to swap bunch of tokens to ETH or something, so this tool seems very useful.
Instead of doing all kinds of token swaps one by one manually, put all the token swaps into a one package and all the trades will be done in one transaction.

Here is the beginner’s guide if you are interested.

Beginner’s Guide to Use FURUCOMBO

Create customized DeFi legos and put all strategies into one transaction. Pick up a DeFi protocol you want and set up the inputs. You can then send the transaction or pick another DeFi protocol. Drag the cube to rearrange the order of your actions. Once you’re ready to send out the transaction, connect your wallet and click “Send”.

Their tutorial covers fews topics so if you don’t actually use this tool, it is still useful to learn about “Flashloan” or “Passive income” and stuff.

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