DHARMA: The MOST Powerful Smart Wallet 🤔

DHARMA: The MOST Powerful Smart Wallet 🤔

By tomoyan | tomoyan | 4 Aug 2020

Dharma is the easiest, most secure way to invest + manage your money in DeFi.

I have tried so many wallets and normally I am not too excited about new wallets, but this caught my attention and I wanted to try it.


twitter image


Recently Dharma overhauled the entire app and seamlessly integrated Uniswap into their wallet with FREE transaction! 

Since expensive transaction fees are the biggest issue in DeFi space right now, free gas sounds very interesting so I sent all my publish0x payouts to this new wallet and tried it out.

Wallet design

I think the UI looks pretty good. Even though, I don't really understand why $16.38 and $18.31 Crypto show up in my brand new wallet. I don't get that earning APR either :(

Dtube Video: Dharma UI



All I had in my wallet was these little tokens from publish0x payouts which is about $10 at most.

7.8386 LRC (~$1.03)
3.6836 BAT (~$0.95)
8.1877 DAI (~$8.35)

Since it says I have some money, I tried to withdraw.

Dtube Video: Withdraw Dollars


$16 goes down to $8 immediately for some reason, but it looks like you can send that money to a bank account if it is linked.

withdraw dollar

I don't have my bank account linked here and I am not going to add it to the wallet so this is not that useful for me, but this could be the easiest crypto to bank transfer option, if you are into that.

Another weird thing is that I actually have some DAI in this wallet, but the DAI is not listed in my crypto or in the transaction history.


But I know I have DAI, BAT and LRC in my wallet since I can see them here

Dtube Video: Withdraw Tokens


my cryptos

I guess DAI has no value in this wallet? idk.

What about free transaction?

Normally when you send tokens you need to pay a gas fee. But I don't have ETH in this wallet. Can I still take out LRC from this wallet and send it?

Dtube Video: Withdraw LRC Tokens


LRC withdraw

It worked. I really love this feature, UI/UX is great and no gas fee and not weird confirmation message or anything.

Very simple but seamless user interface.

no fee

Free transaction is great but...

What about free trading?

This is the most exciting part of this wallet! I tried to trade BAT for ETH.

Dtube Video: BAT Trade


bat trade

I didn't know there was $20 minimum for trading tokens 😭 so I couldn't actually test this. I thought I was going to send some BAT just to test this feature, but I decided not to since that is going to cost some fees...

Free trades are great but $20 minimum is not, and free trading is for a LIMITED TIME ONLY thing, I don't know how long though.

If you trade ETH tokens a lot and you have more than $20 for each token, this would be a great wallet. I am not sure if this could be a primary wallet since you can't connect to DeFi apps like Zapper and stuff, but this could be a great initial holding wallet so that you can trade it to your goto token and send it out to for free. The biggest issue with this wallet is the $20 trading minimum obviously... I guess this wallet's target audience is high-end users?! but DeFi is for everyone and anything so I am out on this one unfortunately.

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