DeFi Launch Campaign: KyberSwap Integrates Torus Win $3200 Worth Of Prizes
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DeFi Launch Campaign: KyberSwap Integrates Torus Win $3200 Worth Of Prizes

By tomoyan | tomoyan | 30 Mar 2020

Last week, KyberSwap integrated Torus for "Mainstream" users.

Torus has one click social media login options (gmail, Facebook, Twitch, discord, Reddit) which simplified the onboarding process so that regular "mainstream" people can easily access DeFi services and start using token swap app like KyberSwap.



YouTube: How to login to KyberSwap with Torus


Today, KyberSwap started Torus launch campaign and you could win various prizes (worth $3200) ūüéČ



1. $2500 Trading Contest

All you need to do in order to win:
a) Create a NEW Torus Wallet during the contest period
b) Use this Torus Wallet to trade at least 0.2 ETH worth of any token on KyberSwap in a single transaction
That’s it! The first 400 eligible users will be guaranteed $5 after the campaign ends. If your address falls outside the first 400, you are still eligible for the $500 lucky draw prize!

2. $500 Torus Referral Campaign

NEW users who log into Torus to create their new wallets during this promotion period would stand a chance to enter a draw and win an additional $500 worth of ETH. Participants can increase their chances of winning by sending out their referral link and getting their friends to create their own Torus Wallet.

3. $200 Retweet Campaign

Follow KyberSwap and TorusLabs on Twitter
Retweet the pinned tweet (available on 30th March)
Tag 3 friends in the comments and hashtag #KyberTorus
Winners will be randomly selected


Get started! Connect with TORUS and Win Prizes Here

Torus Launch Campaign page for more detail.

Contest will end soon (April 6th, 2020 23:59 GMT) 

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