DeFi Essential Tools: Best Place To Discover Crypto Interests And Compare
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DeFi Essential Tools: Best Place To Discover Crypto Interests And Compare

By tomoyan | tomoyan | 16 Mar 2020

Important aspects of earning passive income in DeFi space:

  • Find high interest rates
  • Find good platforms

LoanScan is a great site to find best interest rates on stablecoins.

Especially if you are into DeFi lending space because people are moving their crypto assents into stablecoins like DAI, SAI, USDT which yield high interests, and it is very important to know where you can earn that high interests on your digital assets.


LoanScan is easy to use. Just click on the crypto you are interested in and it will display the rates and platforms.

DAI is especially popular right now. It's growing very fast and transaction volumes spiked after the crypto market meltdown.

dai rates

And the interest rates can be more than 50% at times 🔥

DAI is pegged to USD so it maintains a value of $1 USD = 1 DAI.

But if you are only into USD, LoanScan will also show you where you can get high interest rates.

usd rates

DeFi Rate is also a good site to find best interests.

DeFi Rates show you more less the same interest rates but it shows more crypto rates.

defi rate

They also have this interest calculator. 

Click on the crypto you are interested and it will show you estimated earnings. (you can change the amount and term)


Of course, this is not 100% accurate but you can get the idea how much you could earn from these providers.

DeFi Pulse is a good place to find winning platforms.

You can get latest crypto analytics and rankings of different platforms. You can also learn more about individual platform and statistics.

defi pulse

And they also have this income estimate too 👇

income estimate

Follow bots on twitter.

Lending platforms normally have a bot on twitter like these.

So follow these bots is a good way to discover what is hot or not.

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