Brave Rewards: My April BAT Rewards Up 24.66 BAT -> ?? BAT
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Brave Rewards: My April BAT Rewards Up 24.66 BAT -> ?? BAT

By tomoyan | tomoyan | 1 May 2020

Last month, March, I was having a Windows notification issue so I didn't get much BAT... 

March: 24.66 BAT

But this month I got tons of ads! 

April: 45.50 BAT 🎉 (i know official payout is next week)

april bat 1

Since I have been working from home and I have multiple monitors so about a month ago I decided to install another Brave browser, Brave Nightly.

Nightly is a test, dev version of Brave browser, and I wasn't sure If I wanted to use it as a backup, but it's been working well and I haven't had any issues. Normally I work on one monitor and do some research on the other monitor, since I didn't want to use Chrome so it was perfect for me.

And of course, I connected my wallet so I also got BAT from Nightly.

Nightly: 45.20 BAT 🥳

april bat 2

Total: 90.70 BAT (~$16) which is not bad for just viewing ads and it was a pretty big jump from last month so I am pretty happy about that. (brave mobile was like 8 BAT but i can't take it out anyway so it is not going to be added to the total.)

I felt like I was getting more Ads from different companies so maybe Braves Rewards itself is getting bigger and getting more traction for better attentions?!

How was your Brave Rewards experience?


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