Brave Browser: You Can Connect Reddit Vault Tokens to Brave Crypto Wallets
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Brave Browser: You Can Connect Reddit Vault Tokens to Brave Crypto Wallets

By tomoyan | tomoyan | 2 Jun 2020

Reddit rolled out 2 Ethereum tokens, $MOONS and $BRICK and you can see them on reddit mobile app.

Just navigate to "Vault".


Reddit desktop app won't show "Vault" so you have to use mobile app to check your tokens 👇


But you can connect the "Vault" to Brave browser's "Crypto Wallets".

Where is "Recovery Phrase"?

Click on the dot menu("‧‧‧")  to access "Recovery Phrase".


12 words will show up and copy/save them.


Let's setup crypto wallets

Once you save the recovery phrase, open up "Crypto Wallets" on Brave browser. 

"Menu" -> "Crypto Wallets" or go to brave://wallet and "I understand".


Click "Restore"


And then paste the recovery phrase into "Wallet Seed" (it says 24 word phrase, but you can just paste 12 words in here)

Create a new password for this and "Import".


Wallet setup is done.


But it won't show MOONS and BRICK automatically because they are on testnet and you need to add them manually.

new wallet

Add tokens!

Change the network to "Rinkeby Test Network" and click on "Custom Token".


Vault token information

Reddit Community points are only available on "Rinkeby Test Network" as of 05/2020

/r/CryptoCurrency (MOONS token)

  • Token Contract Address: 0xDF82c9014F127243CE1305DFE54151647d74B27A
  • Token Symbol: MOONS
  • Decimals of Precision: 18


/r/FortNiteBR (BRICK token)

  • Token Contract Address: 0xE0d8D7b8273De14e628d2F2A4a10f719F898450A
  • Token Symbol: BRICK
  • Decimals of Precision: 18


Copy and paste those info in the fields click "Next" to add them to your wallet.

Once you add them correctly, tokens will show up in your wallet.

added wallet

Now tokens are synced and check the balance on reddit app and browser.

These tokens are still in the test phase but once testing is done, they will be able on the mainnet I think. 

Reddit might come up with more tokens!

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