Brave Browser: Ending Referral Program

Brave Browser: Ending Referral Program

By tomoyan | tomoyan | 12 Jun 2020

It seems like Brave is forced to change things up their Brave Referral Program.

If you signed up for content creator account, you can earn additional BAT for getting new users from your referral link like this

Hey! If you use the new Brave browser for 30 days, they’ll fund my channel with a bonus!

Here’s the link:


The program has 3 stages, "DOWNLOADED", "INSTALLED", "CONFIRMED" so it takes a while to get the reward rolling since it takes 30 days to get to the CONFIRMED state and reward amounts depend on the "Groups" (a region that is assign to a group

For example, last month there were 10 downloads using my referral link and from that Brave was installed 4 times.

Only 1 person used it for 30 days so finally I get rewarded for that 1 person who was in the Group 5 region so that is $1.

referral stats

I am not doing much work or anything but it just take time to get to the "CONFIRMED" stage... just to get $1?

That is not exciting!

But once it starts to get going, it adds up.

reward may

Nice additional BAT besides the regular Ads rewards. One time I got more than 100 BAT from this referral program so if you play nice, you will get rewarded!

However, referral program is halted...

Some people have been abusing the program and Brave detected fraudulent activities from a small set of regions so that they stopped the program for creators in these countries. (as of 06/11/2020) 

  • China
  • Indonesia
  • Russia 
  • Ukraine
  • Vietnam

They caught the activities before the payouts were being processed so abusers won't get the rewards but because of this issue, creators in those countries have to pay the price for them.

This will also affect all the other creators since you have to have...

ID Verified Uphold Account!

This is added as a new requirement to participate in the referral program.

 I have a verified account with Uphold so it doesn't affect me but I personally do not like this move because I think Brave should move away from Uphold wallet. Adding more requirements might be necessary to prevent the fraud activities but I think adding an Uphold layer to a creator account will make it harder for Brave to move away from the Uphold if they decide to cut ties with them and move on with a different wallet in the future.

Good news is that, Brave will likely to resume the program for prohibited countries once they figure out the fraud solution.

But we need a private, equitable internet experience without Uphold... IMO.

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Important changes to the Brave Referral Program


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