Brave Browser: Brave Meeting Inside New Tab

Brave Browser: Brave Meeting Inside New Tab

By tomoyan | tomoyan | 29 May 2020

Brave is launching a PRIVATE video conference tool called, Brave Together.

This video conference tool won't record your conversations or save text messages.

Video calling content, video and audio, are encrypted and stay private.

How to use?

Open up a new tab and just "Start video call"

brave together

It will ask permission to access microphone and camera, so "Allow".


That is all. Very simple and easy. Video call will start immediately inside the tab.

I don't have anybody else to Brave Together with but click on the "i" icon to get the link so you can share with your friends. 

You can create a password too.

video call

Key Features

  • Screen share
  • Hand up
  • Chat



You can change settings here.


Zoom meeting has privacy / security issues so it might not be safe to use. It seems like everything is going wrong with Zoom lately.

Zoom faces a privacy and security backlash as it surges in popularity

So I think Brave Together would be a great alternative!

But this tool is only available in Brave Nightly (North America) and there is no official release date as of 05/26/2020.

Missing critical components?!

Everybody loves early morning, before my coffee calls and late afternoon all-hands meetings.

Why? because we often tend to access our subconscious minds 😴 or inner voices 😪 during those meetings but before we do that we need this 👇

eye balls


Eyeball stickers! 

But we shouldn't be using these any more.

We have this technology called face filters that get you prepared for any situations.

Brave Together already has a huge potential with it's privacy friendly feature, but adding a face filter will make them to the top in the video conference space in my opinion 😆

Dangerous Minds!

dangerous minds


Why not give out delicious BAT for good students? (meeting participants)
Tipping feature is already implemented in Brave and it would make online meeting more engaging, fun and rewarding? AND less eyeball situation.

Get Rewarded For Browsing! Are you Brave?

Earn BAT


Brave Together Privacy Policy



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