What is the BitTorrent (BTT) token? Should we invest in this cryptocurrency?

By tomdc5 | tomdc5 | 2 Jun 2021

What is BitTorrent?

BitTorrent, you probably know him, his name must mean something to you. Whether you have heard this name in the context of cryptocurrencies or you are using the sharing solution, BitTorrent is very well known in the computer world.

BitTorrent was basically a peer-to-peer program for downloading content shared by other users. It is in 2018 that appeared for the first time the utility token of the same name and acronym BTT. It is actually the result of a project shared with Tron called Atlas. It is therefore based on the TRC-10 Tron blockchain. The main goal of the BitTorrent project is to provide users with an adequate framework to support the reception and use of cryptocurrencies while sharing through the software.


Zoom on the BTT token

Ranked 47th by, the BitTorrent token saw its price chart pretty flat and low until early 2021. Indeed, the price of the BTT, which had a fairly low and constant value was suddenly multiplied by 30 in just 3 months! At the beginning of April 2021, it reached its highest price of about 1 cent of dollar. The price will then decrease and until today, varies between $0.003 and $0.004.




Is it a good idea to invest in BTT?

Today, many experts think that the BTT is far from having finished growing. The token could indeed reach or exceed the dollar in a few years!

I’m very optimistic about this cryptocurrency, and I’m not alone. According to experts, it could reach $0.01 again by the end of the year, then $1 in 2022, and around $5 in 5 years!


Additional info:

  • BTT can be bought on Binance
  • BTT can be staked on Poloniex with 8% APY
  • BTT can be staked on Dlive with variable APY
  • BTT can be used to accelerate downloads on µTorrent and BitTorrent

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