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What is Pi Network ?

By tomdc5 | tomdc5 | 14 May 2021

As cryptocurrencies gain momentum around the world, new ones are created on a regular basis. Most of the time, their launch fails, because the market is already extremely saturated (for example bitcoin alone occupies almost 50% of the market today). However, some of these new cryptocurrencies are managing to find their way into the giants of the market.

This is the case with Pi Network . This network created in 2019 by 3 students from Stanford University has its own token, the PI. This network used the loopholes in bitcoin and other altcoins to make it more accessible. Indeed, bitcoin is not profitable for mining, (except for large companies equipped and which mine 24 hours a day ). The company Pi Network therefore proposed a unique way to obtain its token, the PI, it is to mine . However, mining is done daily on his phone in 3 clicks and from an intuitive mobile app. No computer knowledge is required. Its operation is simple, every day, we start mining and we gain between 0.1 and 0.2 PI per hour.

From 3 days of mining, the application, to secure the network, offers to create a security circle, with people you trust. This circle, which can bring together up to 10 people, allows you to earn a little more IP per validated person . However, as you can imagine, such a network is complicated to set up and requires a lot of members. Thus, Pi Network works mainly by referrals

This network was therefore built in 3 phases (phase 2 is still in progress). Here are the different phases explained in detail : 

Phase 1 : Design and distribution of tokens 

The entire infrastructure is in place to prepare for the following phases. Pi Network is currently not displayed on the exchange platforms, and it cannot be purchased with other currencies. Mining starts now, but for worthless cryptocurrency. 


Phase 2 (ongoing) : Testnet 

The future programs that will host the main network are in the test phase, the portfolio is created, although operating with Test-PI (no value). Users also have the option of becoming a node, to secure the process.


Phase 3 : Mainnet 

When phase 3 will be deployed (in end of 2021 if all goes well) Pi can connect to exchange platforms, the tokens PI will increase in value : $ 0.0107 in 2021 to its launch, according digitalcoinprice com . Other experts say that it will reach $ 6 within 5 years

What I find very nice in this network is the chat between users, a community is created for each country and brings together people who speak the same language. Thus, we can learn and discuss with other users about Pi and cryptocurrencies in general.

Here is the breakdown of mining rewards :




Currently bringing together 17M members, we can quickly understand that it is now that we should join the network.

You can use my referral link and thus earn 25% of my mining rewards and1 PI and use my nickname as an invitation code : tomdc5   

On the same subject, one can speak about Bee Network , which works exactly like Pi. If you want to register, feel free to use my code tom054 to earn 1 BEE and 25% of my earnings.

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