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Turn Your Instagram Posts into NFTs for Free

By Tomadachi | Tomadachi | 13 Oct 2021

A new platform, cocoNFT, has partnered with the better known Rarible to allow users to create non fungible tokens (NFTs) of their Instagram content.

No matter the kind of image - "be it cat photos, epic diving videos or vintage film camera footage" - cocoNFT claim content creators can mint NFTs in a few easy clicks and sell them on Rarible at zero cost.

This is because cocoNFT employs "the so-called lazy minting feature, meaning that the gas fees will be covered by your buyer."

According to cocoNFT, there are just 4 steps to monetising Instagram accounts:

1) Visit cocoNFT
2) Connect your digital wallet + Instagram account
3) Select the posts you want to sell
4) Earn ETH!

Hollywood Onboard

Leading the charge for the Instagram brigade is Hollywood actress Susan Sarandon who sent this message to her 750,000 Twitter followers yesterday.

Sarandon reportedly chose cocoNFT to launch her Instagram charity NFT "...because it’s fast and simple."


Being social-media averse and having no Instagram account myself, regretfully I cannot comment on the minting process but any Publish0x readers/authors who have access to Instagram and create NFTs please let us have feedback in the comments section below.

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