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By Tomadachi | Tomadachi | 5 Jul 2020

Wonder which up-coming cryptos are making the most waves in the blockchain sector at the moment? Never fear, the innovative team at Blocknomy have you covered.

Blocknomy describe their service as "...a data-driven crypto assets research tool that utilizes Human and Machine Intelligence to provide uique insights, analytics and social statistics to simplify crypto research."

All About the Buzz

As well as providing their own ratings for cryptocurrencies and tokens, Blocknomy provide a guide to which projects are "making the most buzz" around the crypto community.

I'd naturally recommend visiting the site for the full breakdown but for a sneak preview, here's the current top 5 (plus the current closest challenger):


Image: Blocknomy

You'll see from the flickering candles which is generating the most heat.

By clicking on the 'view score' button you'll be presented with some basic information about the project. To obtain more, you simply have to sign up with your email address (it's free, no charge) and then you will get to see the Blocknomy rating.

New Gems

I confess at least a couple of these projects were new to me so I dug around for some associated articles and came up with these links which maybe of use as a starting point if anyone is interested in doing their own research.

Energy Web Token (EWT): Blocknomy report there are rumours Energy Web are working with Tesla... I can't confirm that but they sure have been busy elsewhere rolling out their Energy Web Chain.

Kusama (KSM): Far more than just a testnet for the upcoming Polkadot, Kusama's price is pumping and staking is an option.

DMM: Governance (DMG): Already partnered with ChainLink to use their oracle service to bring trust to their DeFi Money Market (DMM) (2KEY): Enabling Ethereum payments on Zoom video communications.

SelfKey (KEY): Blocknomy hint the KEY may soon be stakable but for now they appear to be focusing on their "end-to-end self-sovereign identity management system which will do a much better job of protecting you from data breaches."

Hope you find some real gems here but as always you're recommended to do your own research (in cryptos, stocks, art, life partner, etc) before investing.

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