Time to Buy Bitcoin
Buy Bitcoin
Time to Buy Bitcoin

By Tomadachi | Tomadachi | 10 Apr 2020

Some of you may have already heard of Chris Skinner.

As a commentator on financial markets and developments in financial technology (FinTech), he is probably best known as the author of several top selling books including (but not limited to):

  • Doing Digital
  • Digital Human
  • Digital Bank
  • ValueWeb
  • The Future of Investing
  • The Future of Finance


In between writing best-sellers he is the Chair of the European networking forum The Financial Services Club, Chair of Nordic Finance Innovation and a Non-Exec Director at the FinTech consultancy firm 11:FS.

That rather brief intro is just to testify to his broad knowledge on not just blockchain innovation but how it links into the traditional economy and legacy banking system.

Buy Bitcoin 

Yesterday, Skinner came out and suggested now was the time to start buying Bitcoin.

In his article, Skinner discusses some of last month's negative mainstream coverage of Bitcoin and focuses on his reasoning for why the price of the asset will likely rise.

$100,000 Bitcoin

Perhaps not surprisingly, he emphasises the Bitcoin halving that is coming up in May.

It is perhaps worth highlighting his concise analysis of how the halving relates to Stock-to-Flow modelling and the effect it could have on Bitcoin price:

[Stock-to-Flow] models the price of bitcoin based on the so-called “stock-to-flow ratio,” which, initially, was used to value gold and other raw materials. By relating the “stock” – i.e., the quantity issued – to the “flow” – i.e., the annual issued quantity – the model derives a prediction of a bitcoin price post-halving of $55,000 to $100,000.


While I personally agree with Chris Skinner on this one it does not constitute financial advice and, as always, you're recommended to do your own research (in cryptos, stocks, art, life partner, etc) before investing.


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