The 5 Love Languages of Crypto

By Tomadachi | Tomadachi | 11 Aug 2020

Strange title for a brief article perhaps but I concede I lifted it straight from an interactive quiz that I just stumbled across.

Only taking one minute of your time, this fun little distraction analyses what you love about crypto through 10 questions and then professes to tell you your personality.

First of all, shout out to Kiska @ Kriptograndmama from Kyrgyzstan on whose newly created Twitter feed I found the first reference to the quiz.

As you can see, Kiska has the type of persona who loves receiving gifts in the form of crypto.

She's certainly not just a taker though as she also a creator as can be seen by one of her earlier Tweets of the day.

Although some of the attributes bestowed on certain characters maybe questionable, the effort put into the artwork is to be applauded.


But I digress, this post is about the quiz, not the merits of Mr Sun and co.

The Quiz

Like I said, just 10 questions to answer - and these are given in the simple form of choosing one of two prepared answers that is most suitable to you.  For example:


While Kaska was obviously rightfully seen as an aficionado of crypto giving and receiving, I was judged to be a Mercenary git who loves " Fiat, Crypto, Gold, Stocks, Monopoly Paper (the vintage kind you can sell on eBay for a pretty penny)... you love money and you're not concerned if money don't love you back."

Seems a bit harsh of a judgement to me but it does pose the additional question of do I...

  • a) go back and fudge my original answers to get a more flattering outcome.

  • b) take the next month to meditate and contemplate my existence and direction in life?



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