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By Tomadachi | Tomadachi | 12 Sep 2020

The enterprising community supporting the WAX blockchain have launched a WAX School featuring free online courses where anyone can learn either the fundamentals of the technology or more intricate details of non fungible tokens (NFTs) and collectibles.

The School's website has recently been given a revamp and now features 4 courses:

  • Blockchain Basics: Designed and developed in collaboration with e-learning and blockchain experts, the Blockchain Basics course is aimed at anyone looking to learn about blockchain and its potential applications.
  • WAX Basics I: Already have an interest in online gaming and trading? The WAX Basics course is aimed at those who have a solid understanding of the basics of blockchain, and wish to obtain a deep understanding of the WAX blockchain ecosystem.
  • WAX Basics II: Finished WAX Basics I? Enrol to put the finishing touch on your journey into WAX, and become a master online trader.
  • Digital Collectibles: How can rarity create value in the digital world? The desire to collect rare and unusual objects is not a new one, nor even one held exclusively by humans.

New courses are in development and are expected to be added to the range over the next few weeks.

According to WAX School, the site has 3 attractive benefits:

WAX School benefits

Growing Audience

WAX is making a name for itself in collectible cards on the blockchain as well as attracting a growing number of digital artists.

Here on Publish0x, BlockchainAuthor does a great job in covering the KOGs collectibles and goes to great lengths to explain the appeal and use of the assets involved.


Other collectible cards include Blockchain Heroes, Star Trek's William Shatner, and Garbage Pail Kids.

Metalik Vitalik

On the arty front, there is a mixture of moving and static artworks available by a variety of artists.

Personal favourites include the playing cards by vigilantnfts and the colourful graphic work produced by tone2tone.






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