Devikins P2E Game NFT First Sale Soon! Priced At A Welcoming $3 For Each Devikin!

By TokEnthusiast | TokEnthusiast | 21 Aug 2021

"What's this!? An NFT that's not being sold at the cost of a kidney!?", you may ask. Why yes, it is.


That's right! You read it right! Not $3000, not $300, and its not $30. The NFT of the upcoming Devikin-breeding RPG mobile game will be selling its playable NFTs at an initial $3 each! That means you can have a playable, breedable, and unique Devikin at a cost of skipping out on a McDonalds meal (well how much a simple meal is in my country anyway).

If you're active in the Devikins telegram channel like me, you'll frequently get the wonderful explanations of the Devs and representatives of the game on how they will decide to proceed with the game. From tidbits of lore regarding the game, how breeding happens, and their future plans on the game itself.

Now to be more detailed, you can only purchase Devikin NFTs by using Devicoin, Devikin's proprietary token that is currently in the Tron Network. Now, I know you're going to be looking for this crypto in particular through JustSwap or any another Tron-based swap website, but I'm telling you that you won't be able to find most of it from any other swap because Devicoin only exists in one exchange currently, and that exchange is the Klever Exchange. (That's right, its currently an exchange accessible through a mobile application for now)

Quite an exclusivity deal with Klever, but it's an understandable one as to reduce the ability of bad apples to manipulate, jeopardize, or take advantage of Devicoin. Now what's so good about this type of NFT Sale is that since the sale is $3 worth of Devicoin, this means that the amount of Devicoin you would have to spend depends on the amount of people that bought and hodled Devicoin.

The trading pair of Devicoin (DVK) in the Klever Exchange is only DVK/KLV for now. As of the time of writing of this article, a Klever (KLV) is worth $0.044 and a Devicoin (DVK) is only 30.3% of a KLV, or to be more precise, a Devicoin is worth just $0.0132 per token currently. Therefore, to buy 1 NFT, you'd need $3 worth of Devicoin which amounts to 227 DVK. (There's also a swap available in the Klever Wallet App to exchange your KLV or USDT for DVK)

That's the current price, but as the scheduled NFT Sale in August 31, 2021 draws near, the price has been slowly and steadily rising. The higher the value of DVK gets before the sale, the smaller the amount of DVK you have to pay for a Devikin. Which means that if by some chance DVK were to skyrocket to $0.10 before the sale, then the DVK you'd have to pay for a Devikin would only be 30 DVK. And if it would moon to $1, then it would be just 3 DVK. So if for example, you bought a 1000 DVK now and held alongside new holders, you'd have the potential to either buy 4 Devikins or 40 Devikins or 400 Devikins depending on the price of DVK.


So while the price of Devikins is still rather small and its still 9-10 days before the sale, I may suggest that you could buy now and hold. If you want to know more about how the NFTs are like, then you can go HERE TO READ THE WHITEPAPER ABOUT THE NFTs.

The Tamagotchi-style caring and raising system for each Devikin is scheduled to release this year. So you don't have to hold too long on your Devikin NFTs before you can actually interact with them in order for them to get stronger. I'd explain more but the wonderfully written Whitepaper I shared above is detailed enough to provide you an in-depth explanation of Devikin NFTs. And if you have any questions, there's always the Devikins Telegram Group that is ready to answer any inquiry.

I'll be heavily anticipating the sale more than a week from now. Remember that each Devikin is priced initially at $3, this means the next sales won't be as cheap. And as there is no limit to the amount of Devikins to be minted and sold on that day, you don't have to worry about losing a slot, but if you don't buy at the initial sale day, then you surely won't be getting a Devikin at $3 price range again.

So you can go buy some DVK now while it's still cheap, and if you hesitate, you may be buying it at twice its value the next day.

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